World Development Organization®
विश्व विकास संगठन

About WDO

About Us:

Keeping in mind the need for having a dedicated WDO, India with the primary objective of dealing with any kind of Social work or distress situation, like posed by the Covid-19, Bharat Mata Temple, Other Health, Entrepreneur Education, Parenting and Education of Orphans, Old age home, Help flood victims, other Social works, and to provide relief to the affected, a public charitable trust under the name of ‘World Development Organization (WDO)’ has been set up.

Objectives :

  • To undertake and support relief or assistance of any kind relating to a public health emergency or any other kind of emergency, calamity or distress, either man-made or natural, including the creation or up gradation of healthcare or pharmaceutical facilities, other necessary infrastructure, funding relevant research or any other type of support.
  • To render financial assistance, provide grants of payments of money or take such other steps as may be deemed necessary by the Board of Trustees to the affected population.
  • To undertake any other activity,which is not inconsistent with the above Objects.